Medical workers go on strike in USA

There is no “right» capitalism

Health professionals at HCA Healthcare, the largest commercial hospital chain in the United States, are planning to go on strike on June 26. The strikers are demanding: to stop staff reductions, reduce workloads, bring salaries back to the previous level, and provide PPE for the employees.

The medics on strike
The medics on strike

The employees complain that the company decided to reduce the staff in order to cut costs. However, the burden on the remaining workers only increased because now they are forced to work for those were fired. All the bonuses promised in 2020 were also canceled. The doctors are also dissatisfied with the provision of PPE that has to be used several times due to its deficit. At the same time, at HCA Healthcare, 679 health workers have already died due to coronavirus infection.

The employer, in their turn, denies the staff reduction and the problem with PPE. The salary reductions are attributed to the coronavirus pandemic and falling profits.

The economic crisis is increasingly enveloping the country, which until recently was considered the «ideal of capitalism.» Today we can watch the US being gradually filled up the multimillion-dollar crowds of the unemployed, and is suffering from protests against the police and the coronavirus lockdown. In labor disputes, US capitalists have not far gone from their colleagues. They compensate for financial losses at the expense of workers — merciless exploitation for the sake of profit. “Right capitalism” becomes «ordinary capitalism».