Worker wage arrears continue to grow

The underside of «capitalist happiness»

The total wage arrears, according to Rosstat, in February 2020 amounted to 2.251 billion rubles. In January of this year alone, it increased by 6.5%, that is, by 137.1 million rubles.

Зарплаты не будет
No good news on the payday

In total, employers owe 33.8 thousand workers, in various fields. 43% of them work in manufacturing, 15% each are employees of construction and resource companies, 9% work in agriculture and logging, and 8% are involved in the transport sector.

Kemerovo Region (268.1 million rubles), Moscow (169 million rubles), St. Petersburg (144.2 million rubles) and Krasnoyarsk Territory (124.7 million rubles) became the leaders in non-payment of salaries.

Earlier, in November 2019, we already wrote about the growth of wage arrears. Back then it was 3.3%. The current Rosstat data suggests that the situation only worsens over time, and all the statements of the governemnt to increase the well-being of the people are just a splurge.

Constant news reports about top officials and managers of various corporations gettings a raise indicate that the salaries of workers are delayed not because of a lack of funds in the economy. These funds are simply distributed in a very unfair way.

Capitalists care about themselves and try to increase their well-being in every way possible. Workers are only interesting as consumable material for profit. Therefore, workers are taken care of by the residual principle, just enough to make them keep working.

The only remedy against this attitude is an organized struggle for our rights. Working people need to unite and begin to speak with the owners in a language that they understand. Namely, to make damage to their profits, to refuse to work in inhuman conditions and for pennies, and to deprive them of profit. This is the only way to make capital more accommodating.

Numerous examples of the successful struggle of foreign workers are vivid proof of this.