The number of security forces increased in Russia

The bourgeoisie is pumping muscles

According to the published study, 2.6 million people serve in force structures of Russia. The number of force structures in the period from 2014 to 2018 increased by 10%. The study covered only state security agencies, not including security structures of companies and private military companies.

Армия России
The Russian Army

It is significant that the number of power structures increased by 10% by 2018, i.e. by the time of raising the retirement age. Obviously, this was also carried out in the framework of the forceful preparation of the pension reform, in order to suppress possible protests. In addition, during this period, Russia was actively increasing its military presence in Syria.

Note that the number of power departments does not fully reflect the armed forces at the disposal of the Russian capitalists. In addition to state structures in Russia, there are also private security companies — often armies of large companies. Russian Railways, Gazprom, Transneft and other companies have their own armed formations. In addition, there are specialized companies providing security services.

The increase in the number of law enforcement agencies shows that the Russian authorities are tightening control over society and increasing pressure on workers. Without strengthening the suppression apparatus, the Russian bourgeoisie will not be able to continue pursuing a policy of robbing the working people. For this, the capitalists acquired numerous means: state power structures, private armies, Black-Hundred assault squads. To defend their interests, workers can and must oppose their organization and solidarity to this power.