Significant part of Russians will not receive pensions in the future

Want to live – learn how to fight

According to latest research, those Russians that are receiving minimal wage, may not receive any pension in the future. With new system of points accumulation, the mechanism of sustaining the pension forces people to have progressingly rising wage in order to have a decent level of retirement money. Yelena Grigorieva, deputy of dean of faculty of economy stated that to secure pension that will allow decent level of life, today her salary must be around 96k roubles.

Russian authorities use every opportunity ro destroy national pension system. Step by step, they are working towards undermining pensions for vast majority of population. Soon, they will increase the value of each point to the level higher than national average. Then, minimal working period will rise for granting pension, which will cut out big chunk of polupation from ever seeing a pension. After it, conscripted military service will be not accounted for working period, necessary for receiving pension, as well as parental leave for taking care of children. All of such measures will lead to most people in society will never take their hands on pension, even without any other laws, making it harder to them.

Пенсионеры считают копейки

Of course, looking at scheming of authorities, working men and women understand that most likely they will never see a pension for themselves. But, knowing one thing right, they’ve decided to make savings for themselves by working overtime, trying to provide for themselves individually, yet such approach is not a really viable option, and here is why.

Before one will be in their retirement years, most of his or her savings will be negatively affected by inflation. Political and economic situation in our country and in the world in general is so turbulent, that default and another hit of economic crisis may lead to total depreciation of savings. Money, that are held in bank accounts are also under a threat of being stolen by criminals.

Keeping in mind all that was menttioned above, the only real way to secure a better future for ourselves and future generations lies in workers fight for their rights. Even at the first stage of the fight, if they will force bosses in united struggle to make them pay more, it will increase their pension points. But this is just a beginning. With more efficient coordination of collective action, latest government initiatives on increasing retirement age may be reversed and pensions will rise.

That said, working men and women have only one viable option left to them by the capitalist regime, and it is the path of class struggle. There is no other opportunity to make a save some money and create a safe heaven for yourself, for no one is safe in such circumstances. Indeed, as two mart gentlemen said back in nineteenth century, “we have nothing to lose but our chains”.