Russian police will look for criminals by tattoos

Another step closer to Dystopia

In 2021, Russia plans to launch the Federal Information System for Biometric Accounting (FISBU). It is assumed that the police at the crime scene will collect tissue samples, fingerprints and identify the suspect for their photos to be uploaded to cameras with face, tattoo and gait recognition. It is not yet specified how materials for the database will be collected.

Total control is the Russian reality
Total control is the Russian reality

The Russian authorities, under the pretext of fighting crime, are tightening control over society. First, the famous «Yarovaya law package» was adopted, which provides for control of Internet users. Now a system has already been introduced that allows, if necessary, to track the movement of citizens. If we add here also the tracking of movement by the cell phone geolocation and tracking the car movement, then an almost complete system of tracking citizens is developed

The main reason for creating a surveillance system is that the attack of the bourgeoisie on the interests of the working people and the impoverishment of broad sections of the population lead to an increase in discontent in society. In these conditions, the authorities need funds to suppress possible appearances and capture activists. The created system serves this purpose.

However, even the introduction of the system will neither lead to a decrease in crime, nor to a decrease in the protest activity of the population. Crime has deep social roots, it is generated by capitalism, so as long as there is capitalism, there will be crime. Same is with protest activity: it will grow with the growth of social stratification, as a reaction to the actions of the capitalists. And this will continue as long as capitalism exists.