Prosecution of Pskov region found criminal activity at local history site

Things they do to make reports look better

A few days ago prosecution office of Pskov Region submitted report stating their andvances in fighting poaching activities. After results of investigation were brougt into court, judges ruled out in favor of blocking site where recommendations for fishing harrius – a rare kind of fish at the brink of extinction. But, according to the owner of the site, who shared his view on the issue at the popular “Pikabu” resource, prosecutors blocked site just to make their reports look better, and blocked… a local history site.


Press office of prosecution department of Pskov region made a press-release, where they stated that prosecution had found out a site “that containts very concrete recommendations for fishing harrius and pointing places of it’s concentration”. This harrius fish is very rare and valuable, and it’s population is protected by law and it even have it’s place in Red Book of Russia and Pskov region. Representatives of procecution department claimed that site was agitating for illegal fishing of rare species and it was necessary to block it, and court agreed on this, now site is blocked by hoster on account of court’s decision.

But few days after blocking was implemented, owner of the site gave his comment at “Pikabu”. He stated that information on site was solely regarding local history of the region, and there was no propaganda of illegal fishing activities. All information regardind harrius was copypasted from official sources of Pskov region or sites made by regional officials. Links to the original sources were in place.

If we are to believe the site owner, that only means that Pskov region prosecutor’s office instigated a fake case of illegal fishing and present it to higher authorities and to the public as an outstanding achievement in fighting crime. For this purpose they randomly picked a site that had no connection to it. So, prosecutors reached an agreement with court officials and the case was made and alleged source of evil was blocked at the expense of neutral local history site that was sacrificed for a nice looking report.

Internet community wholeheartedly endorsed the owner of the site. Commenters section of “Pikabu” agrees on the fact that it is much easier to report fake success stories than fight the real problem:

… Officials from prosecution office, investigation committee, cops and MP’s along with their cronies are the most proactive poachers in our country…. Of course, they wouldn’t jail their own… In Yakutia biggest poachers are local MP’s and other siloviki. One of MP’s took the only helicopter in remote area to hunt rare, Red book goats, and because of this children couldn’t attain the state exams.

Уголовное дело

In this case, only owner of the site and its readers were harmed. But what if officials are wanted to present even bigger “achievents” to their superiors? Just take a look on case of group “Novoye Velichie (“New Greatness” in Russian)”, right wing extremists group, created by agents of Russian state intelligence community. Provocateurs from government intelligence agencies were recruiting young and naïve individuals, that later received various punishing sentences from the court.
This small episode is a clear illustration of real attitude of Russian authorities toward people. If their actions will go unchecked, they will treat ordinary folk like cattle.