One third of Russian afraid to go for a sick leave

Those capitalist will bleed your life force dry, and throw you out later

According to a latest research of one of the biggest Russian recruiting sites “” (about 3 thousand people took part in it), only 20% of Russians are going for a sick leave in case of illness. Third of respondends continues to work even in a bad condition.

In our country, employee has to choose between neglecting his health and earning a minimal wage. If we add into the picture chronic lack of sleep,suffered by a half of nation’s workforce, it’s becoming evident that average Russian employee works him- or herself to the bone! This and recent increase of retirement age makes future of our compatriots look grim. Many of us will not make it, which is especially true for a male population, that dying out on alarming scale.

Because capitalists create such hostile “take it or leave it” working environment in order to cut losses at the expence of their employees, we can describe it as another sign of enforcing exploitation. Average salaries, compared to EU countries are just laughable. Such immiseration forces working people to open up to an idea of class conscience, unionizing for fight for decent wages, or capitalists will bleed them dry and then will throw them out as expendables.