More than 400 workers are fighting to get their salaries

So much for “socially responsible” business

Criminal procedings had been initiated due to stoppage due to non-payment of salaries at LC “Neftemash-Sapkon” in Saratov. Prosecution office of Frunzensky municipality pressed charges against company after receiving official complaints from their workers.

Пикет рабочих

According to prosecutor’s commission report, 453 workers of the company haven’t received their wages despite the fact that during this period “Neftemash-Sapkon” had a positive balance and collected decent profits from sales and completed works, made by their employees, of course. Yet still, not a dime from this cash flow had reached pockets of the workers, which represents clear violation of the law.

“It’s worth mentioning, that during this period company had sufficient funds that highly exceeded monthly salary budget. But company management decided to relocate those funds for other purposes of their organisation, not on compensating their debt to company’s employees” – stated in the report.

In light of the aforementioned facts, director had received official warning from official body and notification of initiation of criminal proceedings. The exact sum of debt wasn’t revealed to the public.

As we can see again and again, grim realities of capitalism forcing ordinary working people to stand their ground and fight for preserving their labour rights and dignity. Root of this problem lies in the nature of capitalism itself, where bourgeoisie percieve workers not as a persons with their own families and problems, but yet another tool, and their salaries is another expenditure that lowers rate of profits and, therefore, must be cut whenewer possible. For working class, in order to defend itself and prove their oppressive mindset wrong, organising in unions is a must, as it the most effective way to force capitalist to give what is rightfully belongs to their employees.