Ministry of Health told how they count number of pandemic cases

Statistical Kung Fu Masters Back in Action

As follows from the recommendations of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, when calculating the number of patients with coronavirus, only those who have severe symptoms of the disease should be considered.

The pandemic continues
The pandemic continues

“If the virus is detected in the absence of complaints, of objective additional information, this condition should be regarded as «a virus carrier» and encoded in section Z22.8. Such cases are not included in morbidity and mortality statistics», the recommendations read.

The organizers of obtaining statistical data in Russia once again show miracles of resourcefulness. There is no better way to convince people that everything is in order than to show them the numbers that confirm it. And so that the numbers confirm this, a special calculation method will be applied. And it does not matter that the actual number of patients will be much higher, it does not matter that the destroyed healthcare system does not cope with the epidemic, because the main thing is the appearance of order, well-being and stability.