Mass staff cuts expected in Chelyabinsk region

Another consequence of the global crisis

In Chelyabinsk region, 163 enterprises announced their upcoming layoffs, and at eight enterprises the planned reductions are expected to be massive. IA Ural-press-inform reports about this, with reference to the Main Directorate for Labor and Employment of the Population of the Region.


According to monitoring data, upcoming mass dismissals of 2,313 employees were announced because of enterprise liquidation or mass staff reduction.

Before that, 197 companies in the region reported transferring part of their employees to part-time employment.

As of June 4, the registered unemployment rate in Chelyabinsk region is 3.07%, with 61,932 unemployed citizens registered in employment centers, including 57,502 people who are officially registered as unemployed.

However, are the reductions and the subsequent unemployment a new, shocking side of capitalism? After all, the welfare of thousands and millions is not so important as the wealth of the few, which we wrote about yesterday, are writing today, and will write tomorrow.