In Russia prices for non-food items will go up

Here they go again

Prices for non-food products in Russia will rise in 2021. This forecast was given to Izvestia by the head of the Delovaya Rossiya trade committee, Alexei Fedorov.

Price for non-food items are predicted to grow again
Price for non-food items are predicted to grow again

The reason for the price increase is the entry into force of new standards for the extended liability of producers and importers of goods, according to which full disposal of waste for consumer goods and packaging will have to be carried out.

«Extended producer responsibility (EPR) in the Russian Federation has existed since 2014. The manufacturer can pay an environmental fee to the state for package processing, sign an agreement with the contractor for waste disposal, or organize the process on their own. According to the developers, this encourages producers to increasingly draw the waste they generate back into the economy. It is expected that the draft EPR will be examined by Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Victoria Abramchenko by the end of February, the cabinet of ministers will go through it during March».

Any citizen can predict a price increase in Russia. Prices are constantly growing in every industry: communication, travel, food. World oil prices are rising — gas prices are rising. World oil prices are falling — gasoline is getting more expensive anyway. There is no need to be the “head of the trade committee” to calculate and predict such things. You need to be a specialist only to “wrap up” the next increase in a «media package» convenient for the government. The people must believe that they are taken care of and «the government has no other choice.»